Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Clutch: Colette
Shoes: Nine West

 When I started this blog I wanted to really focus on fashion and beauty, however, lately I’ve had a lot on my plate (as we all do) and I just hadn’t been feeling my best which led to me losing my focus.

I never lose focus of the overall goal it’s more that I lost my motivation because I was feeling so down.

Does this happen to you?

At the end of the day I know where I want to be, what direction I want to head in but I fall back into just living my life as it is and as it always has been, being too scared to make a change.

It’s a frustrating cycle I often go through..

Over the last month I fell into what I call an “Internet Hole” and a suggested video popped up on YouTube which was by No Egg Craig and from memory it was showing him complete a shopping challenge to eat Vegan for a week on $20.

One thing led to another and I have since completely immersed myself in watching, reading and researching everything to do with a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Prior to adopting this diet I had already got a bee in my bonnet and became Cruelty Free with all of my cosmetics.

For the last week and a half now I have been eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. It’s essentially a Vegan diet however I know most Vegan’s don’t like to use the term unless you are completely Vegan not just with diet but also cosmetics, clothing etc. I am still in the transition phase so whilst I am not totally Vegan with my cosmetics and clothing I am using 100% cruelty free cosmetics and I intend to no longer purchase clothing made with animal products.

Since I have completely cut out (cold turkey too!) animal food products I feel incredible already in this short amount of time.

I haven’t craved a single thing, I’ve gone from hating cooking to being excited about cooking and what I’m going to make next and I haven’t suffered with my usual anxiety or needed to use my Rescue Remedy to get to sleep every night. I could go on and on but I will spare you…

Over the last few day’s I’ve been looking into Dr. John McDougall‘s Starch Based food program and I am going to switch to a Starch Based Whole Food diet as of this week.

Okay so this post has been longer than I intended! But I had to rattle off the above information to lead my to this point below.

I am not trying to make everyone start this kind of lifestyle but I was really just wanting to let you know about it and that I want to keep this as a personal blog so future posts will centre around fashion, beauty and diet/lifestyle because I’m so excited to talk about those things and to document my progress. I guess we can use the photo’s in this post as a before.

I’ve really wanted to start vlogging however I only have a DSLR so it would be quite awkward to film with that. I’ll work something out and let you know when I get content up on YouTube.

Until next time…

Love, Bec